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The Shabazz Delta Academy is designed to offer a variety of opportunities and experiences to young girls, (ages 11-13). Using science, math, and technology as a focus, the girls participate in activities that are interactive and embedded with Common Core science and math concepts. They also participate in activities that help them focus on healthy minds and healthy bodies. Participants also perform public service organized by the members of Seattle Alumnae.

The Shabazz Delta Academy volunteers understand the importance of providing a trusting environment that is non-judgmental and is necessary for these young flowers to bloom. The Shabazz Delta Academy is open to all girls in our service area-King, Snohomish and Kitsap Counties. The girls meet 3rd Saturdays.  

2023-2024 application



Delta G.E.M.S. (Growing and Empowering Myself Successfully), previously entitled Teen Lift, was created to "catch the dreams" of African American at-risk, adolescent girls aged 14-18. It provides the framework to actualize those dreams.


The primary goals are:

  • To instill the need to excel academically;

  • To provide tools that enable girls to sharpen and enhance their skills to achieve high levels of academic success;

  • To assist girls in proper goal setting and planning for their futures--high school and beyond; and

  • To create compassionate, caring, and community minded young women by actively involving them in service learning and community service opportunities.


The young women who participate are from various Seattle-area high schools.  Workshops include team/trust building exercises, career training and anti-oppression/activism.


The GEMS meet on 3rd Saturdays. Take a look at the G.E.M.S. brochure.

We welcome you to APPLY NOW!

2023-2024 application

2023-2024 Parent / Guardian Form



Bertha Pitts Campbell, one of the 22 young collegiates who founded Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. January, 1913, at Howard University, resided in Seattle from 1923  until her passing in 1990.


As a political and social justice activist, she was a woman who not only left her mark on Seattle  (see Chapter History) and the state of Washington, but the world. Today, the organization she helped to organize, Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc.. has over 1,000 chapters around the world and 250,000 members-all implementing programs in our Five Point Programmatic Thrust.


Each year the Bertha Pitts Campbell Scholarship is awarded to young ladies matriculating to  a four-year university. Applicants must reside in King, Snohomish or Kitsap County.  

Applications due April 30, 2024.

2024 Application



In 1933, the Alpha Omicron Chapter (AO) was chartered by  eight women including one of Delta's 1913 founding members, Founder Bertha Pitts Campbell. AO was the first Black Greek organization in the Pacific Northwest. It was composed of women at the undergraduate and graduate levels until 1979.  Ms. Tessie Miller became the first president of the 39th Delta chapter. Today, AO is a citywide collegiate chapter located on the campus of the University of Washington. The Tessie Miller Scholarship carries on the legacy of scholastic achievement by providing financial assistance to eligible students enrolled in Advanced Placement classes.


The Tessie Miller Scholarship will award up to $100 to an individual student to cover the costs for Advanced Placement classes. The Tessie Miller scholarship can be awarded to one single school to cover the cost of up to three (3) students taking one class each totaling no more than $300 each year. This scholarship is open to high school students attending schools in King, Kitsap and Snohomish Counties.

Click here to download the application and follow the instructions for submission. 



The Mona H. Bailey STEM Day @ Pacific Science Center (PSC) is a program for all third grade students attending Madrona K-8 and South Shore K-8 schools in Seattle. Each child receives a custom designed tee shirt and starts the day singing and screaming at a laser show designed specifically for them. 


Afterwards, they engage in interactive workshops prepared by PSC staff that integrate science, technology, engineering and math concepts and skills. Students have made silly putty or learned concepts in chemistry by making candy crystals.   By days end, the students are given an opportunity to play with all of the interactive exhibits at the center.


The Mona H. Bailey STEM Day @ Pacific Science Center is named in honor of Seattle Alumnae Chapter member and the 17th National President of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc., Mona H. Bailey.




Madrona K-8 School  is considered by the Seattle School District as one of its high needs schools because 91% of its population is non-white and 70% of these students are on free/reduced lunch.


The Seattle Alumnae Chapter (SAC) has partnered with Madrona K-8 since 2007 and serves as the community representative on the PTSA's executive board. SAC  provides volunteers to support the PTSA's Back to School BBQ and help in the student cafeteria the first week of school.


The chapter also funds and volunteers for the school's annual breakfast for 3rd-8th graders and their families and the Mona H. Bailey STEM Day at the Pacific Science Center.


Each year 2-3 families receive a 'holiday basket' filled with foods to create a special Thanksgiving meal. At Christmas time, a family's wishlist is fulfilled. 


Visit Madrona K-8 School's website to see how the PTSA uses the money it raises.

Delta Days in the State Capital

Delta Days in the state capitol takes place each winter in Olympia.  Representatives from Delta Sigma Theta Sorority's Seattle, Bellevue, and Tacoma chapters participate with other local Black organizations including Black Child Development Institute (BCDI), the Washington State Commission on African American Affairs, and other Black Greek lettered organizations to address Washington legislators on issues of great importance to the African-American community, such as:

  • It Is Time to Take Control of Our Health;

  • Education - The New Civil Rights Arena;

  • Challenging the Child Welfare System Serving


Delta Days at the Nation's Capital

This is Delta's effort to unite all of its chapters to come together and meet with their state legislators to address national political and social issues. The Seattle Alumnae Chapter sends representatives to this important gathering each year to meet with legislators from Washington State.




The Community Service committee has the privilege of creating and delivering a holiday feast for needy families during the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays. 

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